At a Glance

RCP is a boutique insurance consultancy/brokerage that specializes in modeling actuarial data, developing complex underwriting pitch books and drafting sample policies for clients who seek to mitigate unconventional risks in the insurance and capital markets. We are unique amongst insurance consultants/brokers due to:

  • Our exclusive focus on the mitigation and placement of complex risks

  • Our proven track record of developing unique risk transfer programs that enable complex transactions

  • Our extensive network of senior level contacts amongst property & casualty carriers, life carriers, re-insurers and financial markets

  • Our continuous efforts to research and develop risk transfer vehicles that unlock hidden financial value

  • Our unparalleled risk finance knowledge, skills and credibility

  • Our integrity and our commitment as a boutique firm to serve our clients to the best of our abilities



RCP was founded by individuals with practical experience in managing financial risks and obtaining non-traditional insurance for uncommon risks associated with complex financial transactions. We do this by:

  • Utilizing a proprietary risk deconstruction technique to assess financial risks.

  • Developing insurance solutions that maintain the economic benefits of a financial transaction while removing the financial risks.

  • Collaborating with best of breed Alliance Partners when constructing solutions to ensure the highest value-creation.

  • Maintaining a deep understanding of the unconventional risk transfer needs of corporations/high net worth families and the latest financial engineering techniques used in risk management.

  • Quantifying how we've helped clients maximize their financial return.

Our solutions have been deployed to assist a range of clients from Fortune 50 to high net worth individuals. RCP Executives offers depth of expertise in tax, accounting, risk finance and investment banking.

RCP Solutions

Life Risk Solutions

  • Eliminate unconventional risks associated with complex life insurance transactions

  • Partner with financial institutions and or financial planners to structure life insurance transactions

  • Develop cutting-edge “gap” insurance policies that create new opportunities in the life markets

Insurance for Mergers and Acquisitions/Bankruptcy

  • Replace the need for an escrow account with insurance

  • Transfer known and unknown liabilities to insurance market

RCP Strategic Advisors

  • Perform in-depth analysis and due diligence of complex risks which have historically not been transferred to the insurance markets

  • Identify and develop markets by educating prospective carriers on the merits of unconventional risks

Tax Insurance

  • Insure tax opinions offered by reputable tax advisors

  • Remove the financial uncertainty associated with an opinion

  • Eliminate the need for private letter rulings