In the News

"Strong Tertiary Activity Expected, Possible Policy Influx" 
(By Donna Horowitz, The Life Settlement Report – January 2014) 

"Overpopulation: Extending Life by 20 or Even 30 Years" 
(By Joel Berg, Risk & Insurance April 2012) 

"Nemo Perera Elected to ELSA Executive Committee - March 2012" 
(ELSA ELECTION 2012 - press release) 

RCP to Attend 2011 PCI Annual Meeting – New Orleans, October 2011 

"Griffin to Offer Coverage in Phoenix Insolvency 
(as featured in The Life Settlement Report, June 2, 2011) 

RCP to Present at International Life Settlements Conference – London, May 2011 

Nemo Perera to Chair 5th Annual IQPS Life Settlement & Longevity Summit – New York, April 2011 

RCP Senior Actuary Presents Workshop at IQPC Insurance Linked Securities Summit – New York, January 2011 

“Life Expectancy Extension Coverage Making Comeback” 
(as featured in The Life Settlement Report, November 18th 2010) 

“RCP presents Bermuda Re/insurance Under-40s tour in Houston and New York” 
(as featured in the Royal Gazette, November 16th 2010) 

“Buyers Hunt for Value in Distressed Deals” 
(as featured in The Life Settlement Report, November 4th 2010) 

"RCP to Present at DealFlow LS Conference in Las Vegas 10/3/10" 

"Longevity coverage now available to mitigate extension risk in life settlement portfolios"
(as featured in the Life Exchange News Alert, November 18, 2009) 

"Market for Longevity Risk Insurance Expanding"
(as featured in The Life Settlement Report, September 5th 2009) 

"Risk Mitigation for Life Settlements"
(excerpt as featured in Life Markets By Vishaal B. Bhuyan, August, 2009) 

"FIN 48: Accounting for Uncertainty and Insuring the Results"
(as featured in Mondaq, May 2009) 

"RCP Tax Product Update" 

"Tax Insurance Protects Against Intangible Drilling Costs"
(as featured in The Oil & Gas Financial Journal, December 2007) 

"An Exploration of Mortality Risk Mitigation"
(as featured in The Journal of Structured Finance, July 2007) 

"If You Can Keep Your Head..."
(as featured in Worth Magazine, August 2007) 

"AD&D Rider for University GL Policies Is Inexpensive and Valuable"
(as featured in Greentree Gazette, June 2007) 

"In student loans, death need not equal default"
(as featured in Greentree Gazette, May 2007) 

"Leaving a Fortune Without Splitting Heirs"
(as featured in Success Magazine, March/April 2007) 

"Risk Mitigation for Life Settlements"
(as featured in The Journal of Structured Finance, July 2006) 

"International Incidents"
(as featured in Worth Magazine, July 2006) 

"The Game Of Life"
(as featured in Worth Magazine, June 2006) 

"IRS Eyeing Executive Pay..."
(as featured in April 2006) 

"Insurers Offer New Policies For the Wealthy..."
(as featured in the Wall Street Journal, October 2005) 

"Life, death and Structure "
(as featured in Risk Magazine, September 2005) 

"Your Hidden Asset"
(as featured in Worth Magazine, May 2005) 

"IN THE MONEY: Insurer Covers Corporate Financial Risks"
(as featured in Dow Jones Newswires Column, December 2004) 

"IN THE MONEY: Insurance Plan Covers Kerry Tax Cut Hit"
(as featured in Dow Jones Newswires Column, October 2004) 

"RCP’s View on the State of the Insurance Industry" 

"Tax Insurance for Directors"
(as featured in Corporate Board Member September/October 2004) 

"Self Insure: There May Be A Better Option"
(as featured in Financial Executive Magazine, July/August 2004) 

"Getting Insurance for Your Tax Bill"
(as featured in The Wall Street Journal, May 5, 2004; D1) 

"Creative Insurance For Creative Tax Plans"
(as featured in Trust & Estates, May 2004) 

"RCP presents at TEI's 54th Midyear Conference" 

"A Shield For Shelters"
(as featured in Worth Magazine, March 2004) 

RCP presents at Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning 

"Does the IRS's New Ruling Policy on Spin-Offs Enhance the Desirability of Tax Insurance?"
(as featured in The Tax Executive, Vol. 55, No. 5, Sept.- Oct. 2003) 

Tax Insurance Gets IRS Seal of Approval for Facilitating Complex Transactions 

"Will Tax Insurance Catch On?"
(as featured in, August 2003) 

"Confidence Booster"
(as featured in The Daily Deal, August 2003) 

RCP Investigates Market Demand for Transactional Insurance 

"How to Protect Your Wealth Preservation Strategy with Tax Insurance"
(as featured in, February 2003)