Risk Capital Partners


RCP is a boutique insurance consultancy/brokerage that specializes in modeling actuarial data, developing complex underwriting pitch books and drafting sample policies for clients who seek to mitigate unconventional risks in the insurance and capital markets.



RCP offers a valuable service by positioning sophisticated non-traditional insurances as both an "enabler" and a source of cost-effective capital to investment banks, lawyers, accountants, corporate clients and high net worth individuals, removing uncertainties associated with financial transactions to increase shareholder value. As a cohesive team that has worked together in the past we are uniquely positioned experts with cross training in both insurance and capital market instruments. We are uniquely qualified to demonstrate to clients how insurance could play a key role in the capital structure of a transaction. We have established a proven track record in creating new business opportunities such as: unlocking financial value in existing transactions; identifying novel synergies; creating unique gap solutions; and identifying/developing opportunities that are only found in the cross-section of life insurance, property-casualty insurance, banking, and capital markets.